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                            However, the Düsseldorf city offers quality and well-heeled Airport service to the people.The city offers taxis, cars and even limousines for the  different Airport Transportation needs of the can enjoy the most luxurious and expensive automobile for your need.  Dorsten is an attractive town located in the “Ruhr Area” with a historical old,and traveling along the weselDatteln canal with Quick access from  the Düsseldorf Airport to Dorsten town.
-->Düsseldorf International Airport is located in  Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, approximately 7km (4.3mi) north of downtown Düsseldorf, and some 20km (12mi) south-west of Downtown Essen.Dorsten has its own airfield. The airfield has a grass strip with a runway of 800 meters. -->Approximate distance in miles from Castrop Rauxel Germany to Dorsten Germany in a straight line is 17 miles or 27.35 Kilometers. --> Düsseldorf International AirportDUS About 44 km South-southwest. --> -->Approximate flight duration from Düsseldorf to Dorsten is 3 mins.Distance from Düsseldorf to Dorsten is 19.3Miles(31 Kilometers/16.7 Nautical Miles).-->If we go through A3 route it take 56.3km in 38mins.Accroding to the German Traffic it take 38 min to reach the destination.A59 and A3 route it take 57.7km in 45mins.Accroding to the German Traffic it take 50min to reach the destination.A57  route it take 74.7km in 47mins.Accroding to the German Traffic it take 52min to reach the destination.
ByCar: If you were in a car doing an average speed of 60mph(96kmh)over the course of your journey.It would take you around 0.35 hours to get from Castrop Rauxel to Dorsten.
                 Dorsten  is a town in the district of Recklinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia,Germany and has a population of just below 80,000.Its historical old town lies on the south bank of the river-Lippe and the Wesel-Datteln canal and was granted city rights in 1251.Düsseldorf International Airport is located in Düsseldorf , the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, approximately 7km (4.3mi) north of downtown Düsseldorf, and some 20km (12mi) south-west of Downtown Essen.

Important Places in NRW
1. Rhine Tower:
             This popular Düsseldorf landmark is waiting for you high     above the regional capital at a height of 172,5 meters with unusual fare.
-->We can see far and clear from the tower. good experience.
2. Jewish Museum:
       Dorsten is widely known today for its
-->Jewish Museum of Westphalia.
which was established in 1987. In 2001, the last coal mine closed and the town celebrated its 750th jubilee with a festival in the old town.

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